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Being a Ball v0.2 is released, I love it. All issues are fixed, btw I can't play very well, my incompetence sorry :D
Level 8 has 2D mechanics. I think may be the ball could have been a little smaller in size. Jumping mechanics are good.

Thanks to the Tomahim, keep going dude!


I like the environment, bg music. I think, ball's movement is alittle bit hard. But may be this is the point :) May be you want to make updates like ball changing, add various powers to the ball.

Cons: At level 5 ball jump to the platform but every time is ends with falling.
Thanks to the creator of the game.

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Thanks for playing and the feedbacks, very helpful !

Looks like a bug with the camera in level 5, it's not always following the ball correctly, thanks for reporting this. I will try to fix it ! 

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Can you please tell me what's the plateform you're playing on ? Windows / Mac / linux ? Thank you

You are welcome. I use Windows 10. Thanks for reply.

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I just made a fix, level 5 should be easier now. The camera is not going crazy like before. Download Being a ball 0.2 if you want to continue :)

More info here on the 0.2 update.

Enjoy !

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Thank you very much, I will play and record second video ASAP :)