​Being a ball 0.2 fix is available ! ​

This 0.2 version of Being a ball contains small fixes / improvements : 


- Camera glitch : sometimes it didn't follow the ball correctly (special thanks to dbaris for reporting me the issue)


- Bouncing effect : now the ball have a small bounce effect to make it more natural

Have fun and please make some feedbacks !

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I love the v0.2 of Being a Ball. All issues are fixed, btw I can't play very well, my incompetence sorry :D
Level 8 has 2D mechanics. I think may be the ball could have been a little smaller in size. Jumping mechanics are good.

Thanks to the Tomahim, keep going dude!

Thanks for taking the time to play it again :) Sorry to hear that it's too challenging for you ! When I will have the time I may add a feature to skip levels after 10 tries or maybe have 3 skip "jokers" available.

Keep making videos and enjoy games :)

Thank you very much :) It will be very good.